These are either slightly damaged (not compromising use in any way) or pieces I've had too long. If damaged I am pointing to the flaw or will describe here.


Mini desert nights wallet- cuts in vinyl and fabric around top snap, not very noticeable but not perfect enough to sell full price.


Gold metallic wallet - snap a bit tarnished but mostly just ready to move the inventory.


Red kitty wallet- see picture for flaw, will not be a problem for use, just not perfect.


Magenta bat wallet- just a design I was playing around with, no flaws.


Black skull studs wallet- no flaw, just ready to move the inventory.


Beige flower large wallet with chain- no flaws, just ready to move inventory.


Desert nights eye glass case- the faintest gold marks got on this from a painting project, barely noticeable but not perfect so discounted!






PriceFrom $18.00